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Coffee to home is the new go

August 02, 2022 3 min read

Gunfire Coffee Cans and Coffee Machine

Covid 19 took our friends and our freedom, sure, but it could never take our favourite brew. Thanks to the rise of coffee home delivery, we were rescued from the plight of average brews through these bleak, dark days.

Coffee shops were hit hard by the pandemic outbreak. In the early stages of Covid lockdowns, weekly spending at cafes in New South Wales alone slumped to be 40 percent lower than usual. In Europe, coffee culture fell to its knees, losing the equivalent of nearly $3.4 billion in market value.

But you can’t keep cafe culture down for long.

According to an August 2020 report in The Sydney Morning Herald, new research at the time revealed that merely months after the first outbreak, coffee purchases across NSW were higher than before the coronavirus, up to 18 percent higher than pre-crisis norm.

In Europe, many businesses made it through the pandemic by expanding into ecommerce and coffee subscriptions, home delivery, and modified takeaway orders through mobile apps and drive-throughs.

In Australia, people working from home were taking some of their practices from the office routine into their new work-from-home desks and offices. And the coffee industry was the main beneficiary. Many coffee businesses took the opportunity to help supply where there was much demand, to bolster the trend with more options and better quality.

The rise of exceptional coffee at home

Buoyed by the renewed interest in best-in-class coffee that could be enjoyed at home, Gunfire Nitro Cold Press in a can was developed. If you want exceptional coffee when you wake, if you hate shopping IRL, online coffee orders and subscriptions can scratch that particular itch. The Nitro Cold Press Coffee is made using Gunfire single origin coffee beans that are sustainably sourced directly from a family farm in Columbia and infused in aged rum and whisky barrels. The beans are brought back to Australia where they're roasted, cold pressed and nitrogen infused. They come in single-portion sized cans and can sit neatly in your fridge at home, ready to be enjoyed straight up, or poured over ice.

Even our best days of office life never saw an almost effervescent nitro-infused cold press poured over ice in a real glass. No more rinsing off a heavy mug in a communal kitchen, no more traipsing to a decent cafe that sells a brew that will match your lofty expectations, no more settling for a cup of tea because there’s a meeting in five minutes. Home delivered cans of nitro brew have helped raise the bar on what a coffee at work  - wherever that may be now - can look like.

A booming delivery market

The effects of the pandemic aside, individuals across the world have for a while been rethinking how we eat, drink and buy food. From the booming food delivery market to the rise of single-person households, changes in and out of the home are forcing us to rethink routine eating occasions. As the food and drink sector evolves to meet the needs of time-pressed consumers who are accessing a growing share of goods and services online, both the hospitality industry and grocery retail are changing and adapting faster than ever.



There is now a huge variety of coffee-culture gadgets, beans and drinks out there - from ceramics for pour over to French press and cold brew jugs - catering to a renewed autonomy over what, when and where we consume.

New habits in coffee drinking

Post pandemic, many cafes are returning to in-store service and are thriving once again. But consumers, particularly coffee drinkers, are habitual creatures and many are stubbornly retaining their lockdown preferences, refusing to settle for average coffee at home once again.

Having excellent coffee at home may be what really saved us during the pandemic, and we are not reverting back to our old ways easily. Ever in tune and on the slightly elevated pulse, the coffee industry is taking notice, ensuring that this coffee home delivery trend will remain the new norm.

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