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Serving, Connecting and Remembering

May 25, 2022 3 min read

Serving, Connecting and Remembering

ANZAC Day at its core is a commemoration that unites.

TWENTYFIVEFOUR was proud to be part of a veteran community that joined Australians to reflect, united. 

Together with our impact partners and supporters we were able to provide patrons at a number of functions with our signature Gunfire Coffee. 

It was important that TWENTYFIVEFOUR left nothing in the can at the end of the weekend knowing there was no better time to deliver our non alcoholic, no preservative, nitro whiskey and rum infused coffee combined with the story behind it, then at the very commemorations that honours our ANZACs.

This began on Friday when the team was invited byHarbord Diggers RSL Sub-Branch, on Sydney's Northern Beaches to the unveiling of a plaque of Second Lieutenant Cecil Healy - Australia’s only Olympic Gold Medalist to have been killed in war.

As a swimmer, Healy became a legend after his performance and sportsmanship at the 1912 Stockholm Games where he set world records and dominated his opponents in the pool. 

He was among a number of athletes tipped to go to Berlin for the 1916 Olympics but instead went into combat serving first as a quartermaster sergeant in Egypt and France before attending officer training in Cambridge. 

Just 74 days before the Armistice was signed in 1918, Healy was shot down by a machine gun on the Somme. 

TWENTYFIVEFOUR Founder Kyle Arnold said the importance of reflecting and honouring our fallen isn’t lost on the company, which is owned and operated by 13 current and ex-service members.

“As a profit for purpose company it is imperative that we give back to the veteran community we belong to and are proud of,” the former Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diver said.

“Whether it's through financial support, product donations or showing up when it counts, our duty is to continue honouring the legacy of Australia’s men and women who serve.”

TWENTYFIVEFOUR supported events at Harbord Diggers throughout the weekend by supplying free samples of the bespoke drink to patrons.

The Mounties group took over the ownership of Harbord Diggers in 2006, investing heavily to make the oceanside establishment it is today.

Venue Manager Evan Minus said despite its multimillion dollar refurbishments the clubs ethos remains the same as when it was founded by a group of local World War One veterans in the 1930s.

“They found the club on the ethos of helping the community which was as simple as boiling water for the widows of the war veterans, they delivered to the houses nearby,” he said.

“And over time, they built a little clubhouse up on the headland there and that developed into the hub and diggers that we know today.

“We remain a community centred venue and the veteran connections are pretty deep in the area.

“We have the Mounties care initiative which is the connection to local services like doctors and nurses offering support to return veterans who have PTSD amongst other things.

“We offer support to the RSL clubs and veterans in the area as well as financially supporting the Soldiers Avenue initiative.

“There's so many families, there's so many people on the Northern Beaches who can trace their lineage all the way back to those World War One veterans and those diggers who arrived so for that reason, keeping that lineage and that link alive is pretty important.”

Previously home to Sydney’s largest ANZAC Day event, Harbord Diggers once again hosted the community with a family friendly day out including prominent keynote speakers, two-up, and a rare fly over by F-35 Lightning II Stealth Fighter Jet.

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