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The Importance of Offering Healthy Beverages to your Workforce

July 19, 2022 3 min read

Sugary Drink

Many of us head off to work either in an office, at home or on the go, where we spend 8-10 hours working with computers, teaching classes, answering phones, fixing mechanical devices or doing other everyday tasks. Most of us have breaks and lunch though the reality is that most people will eat and drink for convenience, which leads to poor choices. 

As a result, you are most likely to drink the beverages available from vending machines, cafeterias or servos. For most of us, that includes such things as sugary drinks or even alcohol at the end of the day; though considered everyday choices or accepted in the workplace, neither take into consideration the health of your team.

Businesses prioritising their employees' health through offering healthier food and drink choices have seen extraordinary results. Here is why you should also know the importance of this trend.

Healthier Employees Means Fewer Lost Hours

Let's start with the most obvious of these reasons. One of the most significant impacts of sugary drinks, alcohol, and other unhealthy beverages is that they decrease the overall health of your employees. As a result, less healthy employees are more inclined to take sick days, need personal days, or be less productive at work. And it is impacting your bottom line.

Employees are demanding change

Workplace health is becoming an important part of company culture and strategy. Current wellness programs attract limited employee engagement and produce limited returns. Wellness must permeate every aspect of an organisation, including reshaping environments that encourage healthy behaviour including adding healthy foods to offices and public spaces.

Employees need to be fuelled correctly to perform better

Your gut is your second brain, so what you drink plays a significant role in your thinking.

You wouldn't expect a diesel car to perform with unleaded petrol, and you don't want to fuel your employees with nutrition-less food and sugary drinks. However, having brain fuelled food is vital to help employees achieve and think creatively. 

High sugar and preservative drinks are one of the worst things to consume for brain function. Swapping these out for drinks with natural ingredients or cold pressed to keep nutrients. These drinks have a less dramatic spike in insulin levels, and instead of having employees sleepy and depleted, they will help them retain information and stay focused for more extended periods.

First responders leading the way

Sugary drinks, like sports, soft, and energy drinks, contribute to tooth decay, weight gain, obesity, and serious long-term health problems. Still, ironically they have been in the past readily available in our hospitals and health facilities.

Since 2018 and most recently last year, hospitalsacross states have banned the sale of unhealthy beverages, citing that it made no sense for these beverages to be available in settings designed to treat people who are unwell or recovering from surgery. It also does not send the right message to visitors, who can be the primary audience for these unhealthy drinks.

Beverages breed culture, especially coffee

Employees who feel part of a community are more likely to be engaged and motivated at work. In addition, coffee culture can help build a sense of camaraderie among coworkers, leading to higher productivity levels.

Coffee culture in the workplace is more than just a way to keep people alert, increase productivity, and get work done. It can positively impact creativity, communication, and motivation by bringing people together.

Show support for one another

For many of us, hot coffee plays a crucial role in our daily routine (and that's not something we're willing to compromise on). Yet more and more, our love of coffee means we're more open to finding a delicious, easy drinking, clean, speciality coffee solution to complement our everyday.

Our brand represents an acknowledgement of those who step up for each other

Our Gunfire beverages are a refreshing, smooth, cold pressed and nitro-infused pick-me-up perfect for any occasion. Created to enable people to enjoy our range conveniently, ready-to-drink can, cold pressed, and nitro infused. Whilst also being healthy, it is made with only water and coffee. For those that want additional flavour, our beans have been stored in Rum and Whisky barrels but without the alcohol content.

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