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AeroPress Coffee Maker

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

The latest Aerobie AeroPress has become a brewing device known world wide for its outstanding coffee with simplicity in mind. Using an AeroPress is a fast, easy and convenient way to brew excellent coffee when you're out and about or even at home. The AeroPress heightens the sweetness and body in each cup.

The light weight, easy to clean design has also made this everyday coffee maker known for its use while travelling, ensuring you always have a crisp cup wherever you are.

The Aerobie AeroPress simply put makes smooth, rich, pure and fast coffee anywhere.

Brief Instructions:

  • Place a filter in the filter cap and rinse with boiling water.
  • Add 17g of medium ground coffee, should have a feel to it like caster sugar.
  • Fill to the desired level with water, stir and plunge.
  • Add water or milk and enjoy. 


Features & Specifics

Total Immersion Coffee - This style of brewing makes smooth, rich, pure and fast coffee hassle free with all the enjoyment.

Perfect Grit-Free Black Coffee - The paper filters that come with the AeroPress will remove any grit from ruining your morning brew. Vary the brew strength with more or less coffee and water. Espresso brew small. Plunger brew large. 

Small Brewing Deviceyour AeroPress Brews in about a minute and takes little maintenance with a quick and light rinse. After brewing, eject the coffee into the bin or a compost bin and just rinse the plunger. 

Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Phthalate Free -  Feel assured that none of the plastics are harmful to you or your family. 

Brewing Capacity296ml / 10oz.

Dimensions -14cm x 11cm x 10cm.

Weight - 226g.

Made in the U.S.A.


1 x AeroPress coffee maker, including;

  • Chamber
  • Plunger
  • Filter cap
  • Paddle
  • Scoop

1 x Pack of 350 Micro Filters for the AeroPress, which is roughly the equivalent to a years supply.