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Espro French Press P6 - 950ml


Espro French Press P6 - 950ml 

The Espro French Press P6 is made from vacuum insulated double-walled stainless steel and retains heat for coffee that stays hotter for longer. Two micro-filters help to give you the smoothest and cleanest cup possible, making a truly delicious coffee.

Our double micro-filter is surrounded by a silicone lip that runs along the rim ensuring a snug fit inside the container and assists in creating a vacuum seal. When you press the plunger down the extraction stops immediately, this ensures your brews is consistent from the first pour to the last.

There's as much happening on the outside as there is on the inside. From a handle that unlocks for easy cleaning to an insulated lid that keeps your coffee hotter for longer, every detail compliments each other giving you not only an optimal cup of french press but an amazing coffee experience.


    Features & Specifics

    Sludge-Free French Press Coffee - The double micro-filter is 12-15 times finer than other french press filters, giving you a smooth mug without all the usual grit.

    Vacuum Insulation - The double walled vacuum insulated press easily maintains a steady brewing temperature for more balanced coffee.

    Durable Stainless Steel - Designed to withstand heavy use at home, in a cafe, in the office or during travel.

    Great For Tea - Doubles as an excellent loose leaf tea brewer as well.

    Decent Size - It's 950ml size easily suits your needs and lifestyle.

    Material - Stainless steel and BPA-Free plastic.