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Hario Cold Brew Coffee Jug - 1L

Make iced coffee and more with the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Jug - 1 Litre Stainless Steel. Though the process is very simple, the result is a full flavoured, creamy coffee concentrate that can be used to make a variety of drinks.

The brewing process, although takes several hours, requires only just a minute or two of labour. Also there's really no technique required so even newcomers can prepare and enjoy a stellar cup of cold brew.

Basic Hario Cold Brew Instructions:

  • Grind 60g of coffee at a coarse setting and place in the strainer.
  • Pour 750ml of cool water into the jug and top with the lid.
  • Steep on the counter or in the fridge for 8-15 hours.
  • When brewing is complete, take out the coffee filled strainer and enjoy. 

The resulting cold brew concentrate can be mixed with a variety of liquids to make iced coffee, hot coffee, cold brew cocktails, cold brew iced lattes and many other creative drinks.

Store the concentrate in the fridge for up to two weeks, and with the ability to make up to 1L of coffee at a time, you may be able to go days without brewing another batch.

The main carafe is made of Hario's own famous glass that's heat resistant and durable. The infuser is made of stainless steel so its sure to last you a lifetime. It'll also enhance your brew by allowing the coffee's natural oils to boost the aroma of the concentrate and add to the creamy mouthfeel.


Features & Specifics

Rich, Smooth Coffee - Full-flavoured and featuring the low acidity and bitterness of cold brew. 

Easy 4-Step Cold Brew - Quick, simple brewing process makes this brewer a no-brainer for busy people who love great coffee.

Make Many Drinks - Cold brew concentrate can be used to make iced coffee, hot coffee, iced cold brew lattes, coffee cocktails and beyond providing bountiful opportunities.

Permanent Stainless Steel Filter - 100% eco-friendly and lets the coffee's natural oil through to make the final drink extra aromatic and creamy.

Hario Glass - Made with world renowned glass that's not only heat resistant but very durable too.

Generous 1L Capacity - Brew enough cold brew to last several days or for a group.

Materials - Hario glass and stainless steel.

Dimensions - 100mm (W) x 94mm (D) x 290mm (H).

Capacity - Enough for 8 cups (1 Litre).