about us

a force for good
not just good product

At the heart of TWENTYFIVEFOUR is a passion to do good, not just create good product.
We were founded on the strong principle of helping to make a difference, and we stick by that principle in everything we do.


who we are

TWENTYFIVEFOUR are a veteran-founded brand and business that scours the globe looking for the next big thing in healthy beverage innovations.

As a brand with strong and proud military roots we utilise our experience to lead product innovation and awareness campaigns in support of the everyday Aussie Troopers.Using a unique combination of product, partnerships and our platforms, we're determined to integrate our meaningful veteran narrative into wider consumer culture.

That’s why we’re a brand built FOR TROOPERS, BY TROOPERS.


One of the biggest challenges facing our comrades is
leaving their life as a soldier behind.

They lose their sense of identity, their purpose, their team, their livelihood, even their titles - and have to re-establish those in a new and uncertain environment.

That’s where we come in.



We take barriers and turn them into innovations. We’re not just a brand for ‘veterans’ - we’re a brand for Aussie Troopers.

Our purpose is to revive the connection between those who serve and the wider community. With ‘TWENTYFIVEFOUR’ being symbolic of the day of the year when Defence and our wider community come together, so too is our brand.

TWENTYFIVEFOUR is writing a new chapter in history: One without barriers for the brave. One where the veterans journey is demystified and is understood to be like that of any other looking to find their place. One where veteran wellbeing is understood to be as simple as mental health. One where the veteran isn’t a former soldier, but an Aussie Trooper - a figure to be embraced and to inspire positive acts in others.

who is an aussie trooper?

In our eyes, an Aussie Trooper is anyone who steps up for the greater good through both big and small acts of courage, bravery and sacrifice. They do what is right, what is just - or simply - what is needed. You don’t need training to be an Aussie Trooper and you don’t need a uniform. Just as our Olympic Champions can never be ‘former’ Olympians, you can never be a ‘former’ Aussie Trooper - you’re a Trooper for life.



At TWENTYFIVEFOUR we’re purpose driven - whether it’s doing good or feeling good, our products are carefully crafted to make a positive impact. Our brand represents an acknowledgement of those who step up for each other. Our products are a vehicle to show your support for one another. And our vision is one of unity, inclusivity and to inspire and embrace the Aussie Troopers in us all.

We’ve begun with the creation of a healthy, innovative take
on a daily Aussie staple: Coffee.

The Gunfire Range fuses together a widely loved national custom with a little known Defence tradition and integrates it into our daily social culture. Our mission was to revive the connection between our Troopers and citizens. The Gunfire Range marks our first step in doing just that.


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