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Before a morning battle, soldiers were served a ‘Gunfire’ Breakfast of black coffee spiked with rum. After the war, returned soldiers began gathering before dawn on April 25 to share in this tradition. Like they did on the field, they raised their glass in honour of absent friends.

Today, their fighting spirit has never felt more present - or more needed.Our Gunfire range was crafted to carry this legacy forward, infusing a little heritage into the iconic social rituals we share in today: our daily coffee.

reviving tradition

TWENTYFIVEFOUR set out to revive this tradition by integrating it into a healthy, non-alcoholic and accessible range to be enjoyed by all.

What had been two cultures operating side by side has been transformed into a modern, healthy, inclusive beverage with our Gunfire Traditional and Reviver cold press coffees. We honour this tradition by extending its relevance and widening its inclusivity - infusing the goodness of the past, with the force of the future.

A drink designed

For Troopers, By Troopers.

The Gunfire Breakfast has long been more than just a drink, but a ritual - one limited in modern times to a single day of the year.

we wanted to change that.


the gunfire range

Cold press coffee 

shake - pour - savour

Our Gunfire nitro cold press coffee is made using our Gunfire single origin coffee beans. It's not until our beans are roasted by our friendly Sydney coffee artisans that the fun really begins.

Our beverages our cold pressed, which means we put our beans through a highly pressurised, oxygen-free environment for anywhere between 12-24 hours. It's here that we're able to delicately extract the purest flavour without the often found bitterness and acidity, resulting in a sweeter, smoother brew. We then infuse this with nitrogen to provide a natural creaminess, without the need for dairy.

We do everything we can to ensure the integrity of flavours and freshness of our coffee is maintained for the longest possible time - without the need for preservatives or additives. By both brewing our coffee in an oxygen-free environment and sealing it off with nitrogen, we're able to minimise the exposure to staling agents and seal in freshness from the moment it's brewed to the magic moment you shake - pour - savour.

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Expect some notes of treacle, caramel, refreshing florals and of course, subtle rum undertones.


Expect some notes of vanilla, honey, a hint of tangerine and of course, a subtle whisky aroma.

- Best served chilled over ice, straight from the can, or try it with a dash of milk -


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Whole bean coffee 

This is no traditional coffee.

Our disarmingly smooth blends provides an indulgent coffee experience, dazzling bold flavours and a sustainable farm to cup process.

Our single origin coffee beans are sourced from a family farm in Colombia. Once picked, our Traditionalbeans are infused in aged rum barrels, and Reviver, in aged whisky barrels. They are then expertly roasted locally in Sydney, bursting with flavour, and leaving only trace amounts of alcohol. All our whole bean coffee products are made fresh to order.

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Our Gunfire Traditionalblendhas delicate flavours and the intriguing aroma and sweetness of white rum, with rich notes of chocolate and raisins.With its clean, light to medium body, our Gunfire Traditional Coffee is delectable and different. Best enjoyed as an espresso, long black or as filtered coffee but can be tailored to suit your taste preferences.


Our Gunfire Reviverblend boasts the intriguing taste and aroma of whisky, reinforced with notes of honey and fortified wine. Recommended for lovers of bright, medium to full-bodied coffee.Best enjoyed as an espresso, long black or as filtered coffee but can be tailored to suit your taste preferences.


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Beef JerkY 

made from 100% aussie beef

TWENTYFIVEFOURand JeeerksTM have joined forces to create a bold beef jerky, harmoniously blended with rum and whisky infused coffee beans to sustain the everyday Aussie Trooper.

Reach for this seriously satisfying and explosively tasty snack when you need that mighty protein hit. Enjoy as part of a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

Made locally from 97% Australian ingredients, 100% Aussie beef and our Gunfire single origin Colombian coffee.


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