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Airscape Ceramic Container - 450g


Airscape Ceramic Container - 450g

Coffee storage is just as important as how its brewed. Its got to stop oxygen and humidity from spoiling the freshness, as well as to block deteriorating UV rays. Reusable and re-fillable, the Airscape ceramic container is the dry goods storage solution.

Most kitchen containers that are designed to hold food and other perishable goods are what we would consider to be 'airtight'. Although these containers don't let in any extra air, they actually trap air inside the container with your food. This can cause your fresh ingredients to become stale, even though they are in a suitable, airtight container.

Airscape containers are not only airtight, but they go one step further to help keep your ingredients fresher for longer.

With its patented lid design, the Airscape removes and locks out the air from the container, making sure that your food is the freshest it can be. Using an air valve, the Airscape lid forces out the air as you push down on the inner lid, releasing the air from inside the container. You can then close the valve to lock out the air and lock in the freshness.

Use the Airscape for all of your pantry ingredients including coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, seeds, nuts, and anything else that you need to keep fresh.

The Airscape Ceramic container features a beautiful glazed ceramic container, the patented Airscape inner lid, and an elegant bamboo top lid.


Features & Specifics

Quality Glazed Ceramic - A strong, durable material that is an extremely solid, food-safe, thermal material.

Increase Shelf life of Perishables - Free from oxygen & sunlight food will spoil slower than normal. 

BPA-Free Plastic - The inner lids are constructed of a durable BPA-Free plastic.

Easy to Clean - Airscape containers are easy to keep clean. It is recommended to clean by hand, so you can keep it sparkling clean.

Canister for Any Ingredient - Store tea, flour, sugar, cereal, seeds, nuts, dog food and anything else that you need to keep freshly stored away.

Materials - Glazed ceramic, BPA-Free plastic, bamboo, silicon seal.

Dimensions - 175mm (H) x 125mm (D). 

Capacity -  450g whole beans / 1.8L liquid.

Manufacturer - Planetary designs.