Cafeor V60 Dripper by Hario

Cafeor V60 Dripper by Hario

The "Cafeor" Dripper is Hario's answer to paperless brewing. If your preference is a metal mesh filter over the traditional V60 coffee drippers then the Cafeor dripper ticks all the boxes!  

Brew full-flavored pour over coffee with the Hario Cafeor Dripper. Fitted with a stainless steel mesh filter, you’ll never have to throw another paper filter away again, eliminating your paper filter waste by 100%.

The mesh filter allows the coffee’s natural oils to slide through into your final mug. These oils are carriers of vibrant aromas and rich flavors, giving your daily brew a fuller flavor that you would have using paper filters.

Basic Hario Cafeor Dripper Instructions:

  • Grind coffee at a medium setting and place in the dripper.
  • Pour hot water in slow, concentric circles to saturate all the grounds.
  • When the coffee is fully drained into your mug, clean the dripper and enjoy.

This dripper is made entirely with stainless steel and a durable BPA-Free plastic. It’s light and durable enough to accompany you on any travel adventure and can brew 1-4 cups of rich coffee.

The entire dripper is dishwasher-safe, so throw it in the dripper every couple weeks for a deeper clean. This will keep those aromatic oils from slowly clogging the mesh filter over time.

Features & Specifics

Paperless Brewing - Stainless steel mesh filter allows you to brew delicious coffee without the use of paper filters, eliminating paper waste completely.

Full-Flavored Pour Over Coffee - Natural coffee oils slide through to your final mug, producing fuller aromas and flavors.

Travel Ready - Light and durable enough for any adventure.

Brews 1-4 Cups- Sized to be able to brew 1-4 cups of coffee.

Dishwasher Safe - Makes the occasional deep clean a breeze.

Materials -  Stainless steel and BPA-Free plastic.

Dimensions - 121mm x 135mm x 105mm.


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