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Gunfire Reviver Cold Press 250ml - 12 Pack


Our Gunfire Coffee is a refreshing, smooth, cold pressed and nitro-infused pick-me-up, perfect for any occasion.

Our Reviver nitro cold press is made using our Gunfire Reviver single origin coffee beans. These are sustainably sourced from a family farm in Colombia and infused in aged whisky barrels. We then bring these to Australia where they're expertly roasted, cold pressed and brewed to perfection.


1 x Case of TWENTYFIVEFOUR Gunfire Reviver Cold Pressed Coffee (12 x 250ml cans)

Flavour Profiles

Gunfire revivernitro cold press (250ml)

Our Reviver cold press coffee beverage is full of flavour, so look out for traces of caramel and treacle, a hint of tangerine and subtle whisky overtones.

Enjoy straight from the can or better yet, savour over ice.

Product Features

Nitrogen Infused
Our cold press coffee is infused with nitrogen to give it a smooth, creamy texture, without the need for dairy. For best results, shake the can well before opening. This will activate the nitro and give your cold coffee a lovely creamy head.

housed in aged whisky-barrels
While green, our beans are been housed, or fermented, in aged rum barrels prior to roasting. No alcohol is added during this process, however the beans do naturally retain some of the aromas of the barrels. Please note, our cold press coffee may contain trace amounts of alcohol (<0.05%).


australia made
Our beans are roasted and brewed by Australian natives and local coffee artisans.

internationally sourced
Our coffee beans are directly sourced from a family-owned farm in Colombia.

no added sugar |non-dairy |no added preservatives | non-alcoholic |vegan friendly | single origin | direct trade

Additional Information

Filtered water and Cold Pressed Coffee (contains caffeine).No added sugar, non dairy, preservative free and vegan friendly. May contain trace amounts of alcohol (<0.05%).

Storage Instructions
Keep cold press coffee refrigerated.

Delivery Notice
Our Gunfire coffee is best stored, consumed and delivered chilled. Due to this we will be dispatching our deliveries on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week.