Wacaco Pipamoka Coffee Maker

Wacaco Pipamoka Coffee Maker

The Wacaco Pipamoka really is a twist'n brew travel coffee maker for anywhere you may end up. It's as portable as a coffee brewer can be, with the all in one Thermos mug which helps to keep your coffee hot for hours once it's brewed.

The Pipamoka brewing method is unlike any other, with its innovative construction and a patented twisting mechanism it produces a vacuum pressure inside the mug. The coffee is extracted by drawing fresh hot water downwards through the basket of coffee grounds by this negative pressure. Coffee making in this way extracts smooth and balanced flavours accompanied by the aroma in no time at all, all with very little clean up at the end.

The Pipamoka brewing process helps you avoid poor extractions and complicated pouring techniques because there is little room for error. The results are a quick and efficient extraction for a deliciously tasting coffee.

Features & Specifics

Travel Coffee Maker - Ideal for hiking and camping and on the go coffee, all of the Pipamoka's parts fit securely inside the mug.

A Travel Mug - The Isothermal stainless steel mug will keep your coffee hot for hours once its brewed.

Minimal Waste - The stainless steel micro-filter is reusable, this means there is no excess waste created from having to use one time use paper filters.

Full-Flavoured Cup - Making a full cup of fresh strong coffee with vacuum brewing that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Includes - Funnel, scoop, cleaning brush and carrying bag.

Volume - 300ml / 236ml of brewed coffee.

Dimensions - 73mm diameter x 182mm tall.

Weight - 425g.

Dose Capacity - 18g.

Material - Stainless steel and plastic.

Mesh Filter Size - 250μm.

Thermos Heat Retention - 3 to 4 hours.