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Hario V60 2 Cup Paper Filters - 40pcs

Hario V60 2 Cup Paper Filters - 40 pcs

The Hario V60 2 Cup Paper Filters (40pcs) that come in a box are the original Hario paper filters which are manufactured in Hario's first factory. Using these filters in conjunction with your Hario V60 dripper will ensure a superbly even and steady flow of water during brewing thanks to the smooth texture on both sides of the filter.

Having been oxygen bleached it is always recommended to rinse the paper filter prior to use to ensure that no paper taste is transferred during the brewing process. The Hario V60 paper filters are biodegradable and will consistently deliver a perfectly clean and sediment free brew.

Made from FSC certified paper. FSC is a 100% reliable label that identifies products which are made using 100% virgin material sourced from certified forests.

Features & Specifics

Original Hario Filter - Made in Japan in Hario's first factory, these filters offer a slightly faster steady flow compared to the plastic packet filters.

White "oxygen bleached" Filter - For a vibrant clean look and smooth texture to the filter.

Biodegradable - All Hario paper filters are compostable and will break up over time.

FSC Approved - Made from responsible sources that have been verified to meed the FSC's strict environmental and social standards. 

Material - Paper and cardboard packaging, all 100% recyclable.

Size - 2 cup, which makes 1 to 4 cups.

Compatible With - Hario V60 2 cup pour over drippers.