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Fellow Atmos Vacuum Coffee Canister - 0.4L

Matt Black

Keep your coffee fresh for longer with the Fellow Atmos Vacuum Coffee Canister

Roasted coffee beans effectively have a shelf life once roasted. Once opened and exposed to oxygen, over time the beans will first lose their natural fresh aromas followed closely by the sweetness and vibrancy of flavours associated with fresh beans.

By removing the oxygen, the Fellow Atmos Vacuum Coffee Canister protects your fresh coffee beans from moisture and odours whilst delaying the staling and ageing in the process. You'll never need to place them in the fridge again!

Through a unique integrated pump in the lid, the lid acts as a vacuum when twisted from left to right - removing the oxygen from inside the canister. The vacuum light indicator will turn green to indicate you've achieve a solid vacuum seal. When you're ready to remove your beans, simply press down the airtight release button and hear the air get sucked back into the container. The matte black stainless steel canister adds an extra layer of UV protection which helps to increase the life of your beans by up to 50%.


Features & Specifics

Airtight Container Storage - Feel assured the freshness and quality of your coffee will last for much longer. 

Vacuum Light Indicator - Turn the lid back and forth to engage the vacuum pump to remove air and lock your beans away, watch for the green light indicator to know when they're safe. 

Easy to Use Vacuum Discharge Button - Ready to brew again? Simply press down on the button in the middle of the lid and listen for the hiss of the air rushing back into the canister, this means the vacuum seal is released and your fresh beans await. 

Airtight Silicone Seal - Ideal Prevents the ageing and oxidation process by removing all the elements that cause it, also protects against odours and sunlight too.

Vessel Capacity - 0.4L has a 170g capacity.

Dimensions - 11cm high x 9cm diameter.

Weight - 263g.

Material - Matte black stainless steel and silicone seal.

Manufacturer - Fellow Atmos